About Bhate Geosciences Corporation
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Our company was founded on the belief and commitment that we will serve our clients better than anyone in the industry. We are dedicated to providing geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing, geophysical and environmental services. This simple belief and commitment to our clients’ success is also the cornerstone of our progress. From our beginning in 1973, we have grown to prominence and are recognized in the professional and construction community for state-of-the-art value engineering applications. These applications have resulted in technical advancement and effective cost savings in construction.

Today we operate from our headquarters in Birmingham, AL with field offices throughout Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Tennessee.

Team Work
With nearly 40 years in business and thousands of completed projects, we strive to find solutions to a wide variety of technical challenges. Our full-services staff has specialized degrees with many years of practical experience in providing engineering and testing services to a diverse group of clients across the U.S. that include: commercial, industrial, healthcare, infrastructure, educational institutions, athletic facilities, government agencies and failure investigations. We are proud to have a technically sound, mature and stable staff that has been with our firm for many years.  

Our Mission
We believe that responsiveness to client needs is a key ingredient for success. Our engineers, scientists, and technicians work closely with your project team from the design phase through construction. This assures practical design solutions, enhanced communication and the ability to address complex problems that go beyond typical design issues. In a specialized consulting profession such as geotechnical and materials engineering, keeping current with technological advancements is essential to design economical foundations and earth structures. Our professionals draw from past experience and current technology to find the most practical and economical way to get your job done.

In a complex and competitive construction market, value engineering is a necessity. Our clients recognize that value is not just about having the lowest price. We find the best engineering solution for your project, delivered on-time, within budget and at a competitive price.


“BHATE’s staff has always demonstrated a willingness to help solve problems in any way possible. Their innovative thinking and suggested solutions have proven time and time again to be worthwhile and cost effective. We have become dependent on their technical expertise; not only on geotechnical engineering, but with construction testing, environmental analysis and many other construction related testing services required by our clients.”

- Principal, leading design firm

“We have always been extremely pleased with the level of service and expertise BHATE has provided on our projects. Not only do they respond to initial requests in a professional manner, they are also problem solvers and have been most instrumental in saving us thousands of dollars because of their creative approach to difficult situations.”

- Senior Vice President, developer

“BHATE’s success is the result of their unquestionable technical competency plus an interest in looking for practical solutions to tough problems.”

- A leading general contractor