Our Team

Uday R. Bhate, P.E.-Senior Principal/President-
With nearly forty years of experience in managing large, complex geotechnical and construction materials testing projects, Mr. Bhate is best known for practical and cost effective solutions to difficult geotechnical and materials testing problems. He has over 20 years of experience with environmental assessment, property condition assessments and mold evaluations.

Mr. Bhate has served as Principal on more than 10,000 projects, many of which have been fast track projects, where design and construction activities occurred simultaneously. He has been responsible for earthwork and grading programs on sites ranging from five acres to more than 2,000 acres and for providing geotechnical and materials services on facilities ranging in size from 50,000 square feet to more than 1,000,000 square feet.

Charles R. Burgin, P.E., P.G.-Principal Engineer/ Vice President-
Mr. Burgin is a licensed engineer and geologist with nearly 35 years of service in geotechnical evaluation. He is responsible for the technical and administrative operations of the BHATE Geotechnical Division. He currently supervises a staff of 10 project managers, project engineers, geologists and support personnel. He has been employed at the Birmingham, Alabama office of BHATE Geosciences for 30 years and has been involved with over 1,000 projects.

Mr. Burgin has served as geotechnical consultant and project manager on many significant projects in the southeastern United States. He is particularly well qualified in the following areas: Geologic mapping and extensive field engineering for earth structures, commercial structures, high-rise and low-rise buildings, parking garages, shopping malls, hospitals and apartments, slope stability analyses and monitoring programs; evaluating a variety of in-situ testing techniques, management and quality control for earthwork operations, design and evaluation of heavy duty pavement, including extensive experience in soil stabilization with geosynthetics and chemical additives, extensive experience with site feasibility studies and foundation design and construction monitoring for industrial facilities, including coal mine subsidence monitoring, sinkhole remediation , heavy equipment foundation design and effluent storage facilities.

David L. Johnson, P.E.- Corporate Materials Consultant-
Mr. Johnson has approximately sixteen years of experience, in managing geotechnical and construction materials testing projects. He also has experience performing analysis of pavement failures, designing and specifying subgrade stabilization methods, designing concrete foundations and retaining walls and performing assessments of earth dams and their outlet works.

Mr. Johnson has worked on numerous construction projects providing geotechnical and materials engineering to assist owners, architects, engineers and contractors alike to achieve the project goals. He is well qualified in the following areas: Field and laboratory testing of various construction materials including soil, concrete, self-consolidating concrete, asphalt, grout, mortar masonry, structural steel and reinforcing steel; Subsurface engineering, earthwork and concrete testing for major earthwork and grading projects; also subgrade stabilization methods including lime/fly ash, soil cement, hydrated lime and geo-textiles.

Biswa Pokharel, P.E. - Tennessee Division Manager-
Mr. Pokharel has ten years of experience in geotechnical and construction material testing projects. Mr. Pokharel has managed wide variety of projects including school, commercial and office buildings throughout the southeast.  His experiences in geotechnical field include subsurface exploration, slope stability analysis, bearing capacity and settlement analysis. He is a member of ASCE and ASFE.

Mr. Pokharel has supervised wide variety of unique projects involving installation of deep foundations in difficult subsurface conditions, sinkhole remediation, soil stabilization, and distressed foundation remedial work. He performs and oversees the execution of full range of laboratory soil tests common to the geotechnical field including Atterberg Limits, compaction, and CBR.

Wallace McCord, P.G.- Drilling Manager-
Mr. McCord is a Senior Geologist and Drilling Services Manager. He is a licensed Professional Geologist in Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee. He is a licensed water well contractor in Alabama and Mississippi. His area of expertise is in soil and rock coring methods and groundwater monitoring well installations for geotechnical, environmental site assessments and mineral reserves. He has 26 years of experience in the Birmingham, Alabama and Southern US markets. Prior to 1984, he worked in oil and gas exploration and engineering testing in the Midwest and the Southwestern Ontario.