Honda Manufacturing of Alabama

The initial geotechnical evaluation for this major project was commenced in 1999 when Honda Motor selected Alabama to locate their new manufacturing plant. Mr. Bhate functioned as the principal engineer for the portion of the work assigned to our firm. Work included geotechnical evaluation of the site and required several hundred borings on the property. This site is underlain by complex geological conditions and highly karstified topography and required extensive site evaluation.

During the design of the manufacturing building, he was involved with geotechnical design recommendations for excavation and shoring of deep pits. The plant covers a total building area of nearly 2.5 million square feet. Our work at the plant has continued as additional buildings and facilities have been added at this manufacturing facility. More recently in 2008-2009 Mr. Bhate functioned as the Principal Investigator for karst conditions that were encountered including management of new building construction at the plant site. We designed and documented remediation activities at the plant site and have developed a site risk model to locate buildings to minimize future impact on the structures.