University of Alabama

University of Alabama- North Bluff Residential Community

This project is a replacement dormitory for The Rose Towers situated in the northern part of the Universtiy of Alabama Campus. The project involves the construction of a 365,000 square foot residence hall overlooking the Black Warrior River. The residence hall is one building comprised of 7 stories with a partial basement and a full attic level. The structure is post-tensioned concrete frame with miscellaneous steel.

BHATE provided construction materials testing of soils and aggregate used for backfill, concrete, masonry materials and steel. Special inspections of the construction of the concrete frame and masonry walls were also provided. During concrete construction, BHATE representatives performed inspections of the placement of reinforcing steel, including post-tension cables, embeds as well as the placement of fresh concrete. BHATE representatives also monitored curing procedures which included application of curing compounds, monitoring wind speeds and humidity levels for evaluation of water evaporation rates.

BHATE worked closely with University representatives and the contractor to verify structural components of the facility were constructed in general accordance with the plans and specifications.