Colonial Promenade at Trussville

Phase I of this project, completed in 2000 and anchored by Wal-Mart Supercenter, Marshall's Department Store and a 16-theatre Regal Cinema, required cuts and fills in excess of 100 feet. BHATE evaluated tall rock slopes and executed a post-construction settlement monitoring program to ensure excessive settlement did not occur. Phase II of the project, anchored by Sam's Club and Kohl's finished in Spring 2004, is located across Chalkville Mountain Road from Phase I. The earthwork on Phase II very much resembled the work on Phase I. BHATE found that a geologic contact split the site. In order to provide a stable site for the client's expectation, BHATE recommended cuts as deep as 140 feet and fills as high as 110 feet. BHATE was also involved in the planning for tall segmental retaining walls for the project. BHATE continued as the soils testing agency for the project. Saiia Construction, the grading contrator, moved 2.2 million cubic yards of cut and fill dirt over a twelve month period. The total leasable square footage on both phases of Colonial Promenade at Trussville is nearly 700,000 square feet.