Meadowbrook Corporate Park

The Meadowbrook Corporate Park is a master planned, 175 acre, Class A office park in Hoover, AL. This office development of the Daniel Corporation was a prelude to the explosive commercial and residential growth of the U.S. 280 corridor just south of Birmingham. The development combines distinctive office buildings with lakes, fountains and walking trails.

Geologically, the Meadowbrook site is underlain by the Copper Ridge dolomite formation consisting of a clayey chert ranging from 15 feet thick to over 125 feet overlying a karstic dolomite formation. At one time portions of this property functioned as a golf practice range and the area had numerous sinkhole features and depressions exposed on the surface. The lower portions of this property were to be developed for lakes and required extensive mapping and investigation of the subsidence features. Three features larger than 30' in diameter and numerous sinkhole features 10' to 15' in diameter were identified. We developed and implemented a remediation plan to repair these features including placement of bentonite clay liner at select locations.

At the building location, the subsurface conditions consisted of approximately 40' of stiff to hard cherty clay underlain by karst disturbed soft soil zones with voids to depths in excess of 80'. For subsidence mitigation and ground improvement, a foundation specific group inspection plan was implemented to stablize the karst disturbed zones and minimize future soil migration and vertical dome progression. The buildings were then supported on spread footing foundations after stabilization grouting was completed. A detailed subsurface evaluation and creative solutions to subsurface problems, allowed our client to construct this project in a cost effecctive manner.