University Of Alabama at Birmingham North Pavilion

The North Pavilion is a nine-story; 850,000 sq ft facility located in an area known for its complex geology, difficult foundation and groundwater conditions. UAB selected BHATE Geosciences for this project because; "The decision to use BHATE was based on the university's knowledge of the experience of the firm and their capabilities," said Tom Allen, UAB project manager for the North Pavilion. The North Pavilion Hospital site presented several unique below ground challenges.

*The site contained petroleum contaminated soil and goundwater from a previous motor-pool and vehicle maintenance facility on this site.

*The project included a deep basement requiring excavation below the ground surface and into the massive limestone bedrock adjacent to an existing research facility that housed a highly vibration sensitive linear accelerator unit. Damage or recalibration of this unit would have relsulted in a very high cost and significant down time. The initial excavation specification was based on allowing no blasing for rock removal and that would have resulted in a five fold increase in excavation cost.

*BHATE Geosciencs assisted the client/design team in developing vibration specifications and implemented a vibration monitoring program during excavation. The work was completed with no damage or down time to the linear accelerator.

*The foundation loads for this structure were as high as 5,500 kips. The building is supported on footings on rock and drilled shafts where suitable rock was deeper than conventional footing excavation levels.

*The structure also required a permanent below floor dewatering system.

*BHATE performed a site-specific seismic evaluation for this site, which allowed the structural engineers to design the structure in a cost effective manner.

BHATE's recommendations resulted in tremendous cost savings for the project.

*WINNER - 2004 ACEC Engineering Excellence & 2003 ABC Excellence in Construction Awards*