St. Vincent's Hospital North Tower

North Tower is an eight-story facility on top of a 550-car parking deck. The facility provides St. Vincentís with an Outpatient Surgery Center, 21 maternity suites and 80,000 square feet of professional office space. The North Towerís entry rotunda and four-story glass atrium also serve as the main entrance to St. Vincentís.

Previous projects on the St. Vincentís Campus had revealed some of the most complex subsurface conditions of any site in Birmingham, Alabama. With our extensive experience on the campus in dealing with very complex and difficult foundation conditions, BHATE Geosciences Corporation was selected as the Geotechnical Engineer for the project.

The project site is located over a geologic contact between the Knox Group, and Ketona Dolomite formations. Rock formations near or at a geologic contact between two carbonate rock types (limestone and dolomite) are often highly solutioned due to extensive flow of groundwater at the contact.

Subsurface exploration confirmed what BHATE expected from their previous work on the campus and experience with other sites that overlie the geologic contact and determined that driven pipe piles end bearing on rock would be the most economical and practical foundation system for the structure. Pile depths ranged from 25' deep to 240' deep indicating the highly variable subsurface conditions within some instances, pile depth differences of over 50' in the same pile caps.

*WINNER - 2003 ABC Excellence in Construction Award*