Colonial Brookwood Village

Brookwood Village has been one of the most prominent shopping areas in the Mountain Brook and Homewood areas for the past thirty five years. After inquiring the center, Colonial Properties a had a vision to revitalize Brookwood Village and return it to the popularity it once enjoyed. Colonial has transformed the mall into a stylish combination of an indoor mall and lifestyle center, with a a hamlet of name brand stores and unique restaurants lining the street.

The project site is located along the banks of the existing Shades Creek and development on the creek bank presented interesting challenges. Creating "new land" to build the additional stores and restaurants required some very creative geotechnical solutions. The soils along the creek consisted of very weak alluvial deposits and special foundation and wall design was needed. Also prior to development of the original mall, the creek had meandered through what is now the building area. The original mall is supported on drill shafts or driven piles to rock.

The new wall with the structures supported above needed to be relatively rigid with minimal post construction movements. A geosynthetic grid reinforced earth backfill was designed behind the retaining wall to reduce earth pressures and potential lateral movements. The buildings on this new fill and retaining wall that needed to be constructed immediately were constructed on drilled pier foundations. Creative geotechnical solutions allowed the client to create highly valued additional buildable land and a successful expansion and upgrading of an old shopping mall.