John Carroll Catholic High School

When this client began seeking suitable sites for a replacement school in the Wildwood area of Homewood, BHATE was retained for subsurface evaluation of this property. The site was adjacent to an old, abandoned domestic trash landfill when it was apparently closed. No specific public records were available other than general knowledge that the area had been used as a dump. The property had trees that appeared to be 20 to 30 years old. We conducted an investigation of the landfill using large diameter (48") drilled holes to examine and determine the depth of the disposed waste and also to determine the vertical and horizontal extent of this material.

We worked closely with the design team to assist in developing a suitable site development and land use plan to circumvent the land filled areas. We provided all the geotechnal recommendations and construction testing for this project. The project included deep cuts and fills. the building area is approximately 250,000 square feet.